Canada Privacy Services

Privacy Management Frameworks

Our experienced consultants can help your organization to develop and implement a PMF that can serve as a centrepiece for your organizational privacy compliance efforts.

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Privacy Impact Assessments

We have conducted over 100 PIAs since 2000 and can share the benefits of that experience with your organization.

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Privacy Training

We can provide a training program that is expertly tailored to your organization’s legal, policy and operational environments.

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Personal Information Inventories

Let us help your organization to determine the nature, extent, sensitivity, location and format of its personal information holdings to enable you to appropriately organize and manage those resources.

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Privacy Breach Services

CPSI can (i) help your organization to develop a breach response protocol that will meet regulatory requirements and incorporate privacy best practices from across Canada and (ii) if a breach occurs, guide your organization through the breach response and repair processes.

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Privacy Gap Assessments

We have performed PGAs for organizations of varying sizes in the public, private and NGO sectors, and we can help your organization to understand its privacy compliance status and obligations.

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    About Us

    We work with public, private and NGO sector organizations to meet their privacy-related service needs in several key areas:

    • Privacy Management Frameworks,
    • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs),
    • Privacy Training,
    • Privacy Gap Assessments (PGAs),
    • Personal Information Inventories (PIIs), and
    • Privacy Breach Services.

    Our principal consultants, Rick Shields and Shaun Brown, are two of Canada’s leading privacy experts and are available to provide their expertise to your organization.

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