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Open Whisper Systems Receives Subpoena for “Signal” App User Data

Open Whisper Systems, whose message-scrambling software featuring end-to-end encryption is being adopted by leading technology companies, has received a subpoena requiring disclosure of information concerning one of its users.  Read … Read more

Impact of Analytics on Privacy Considered

The impact of new software analytics tools on business processes and the workplace is discussed in an article in the publication Information Management.  Read more

New Health Privacy Law Pending in Prince Edward Island

P.E.I.’s Health Information Act, passed in 2014, is expected to be proclaimed in force in 2017.  The new law will contain breach notification provisions similar to those found in other … Read more

CBC Report Highlights Gaps in Breach Reporting for Health Information in Canada

A CBC News investigation found that six Canadian provinces, with a combined population of about 20 million, have no legislation in place requiring hospitals, doctors and other health-care providers to … Read more

German Privacy Regulator Halts Facebook’s WhatsApp Data Collection/Transfer

Facebook has been ordered by a German privacy regulator to stop collecting personal information about WhatsApp users in Germany.  Read more

Alberta Health Services Reveals Significant Privacy Breach

Alberta Health Services has revealed that confidential health information of thousands of its patients was “inappropriately accessed” by a former employee.  Read more

OPCC Participates in Global Privacy Assessment of the “Internet of Things”

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPCC) has released a report detailing the results of its participation in a global “privacy sweep” in the spring of 2016 that examined the … Read more

EU Reconsiders Adequacy of PIPEDA

A draft report prepared by the European Union’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has raised the possibility that Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) … Read more

A Ringing Endorsement of Privacy Impact Assessments

Eduardo Ustaran, a leading privacy law expert with the European law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, has recently written that “…privacy impact assessments (PIAs) are likely to become the most … Read more

NSA Cracked Internet Encryption Codes

The US National Security Agency and British government officials have secretly cooperated for more than a decade on an initiative to crack “much” of the digital encryption technology used on the … Read more

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