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BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner OKs GPS Tracking of Workers

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia has issued a pair of rulings that permit two elevator companies to continue using GPS technology to track the whereabouts of their employees.  The employers’ practices, which apply to the tracking of both vehicles and employer-issued mobile phones, had been assailed by workers and their union as an invasion of privacy and an affront to the dignity of workers.  See More

Facebook May Use Profile Pictures to Create Massive Facial Recognition Database

Facebook Inc. has revised its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities in a way that would permit it, amongst other things, to incorporate its users’ profile photos in a database where facial recognition software would be employed to enhance the company’s popular photo “Tag Suggest” feature.  Facebook does not currently plan to make this enhanced feature available in Canada.  -  Read More

Leading Privacy Expert Calls for Action by Canadian Privacy Regulators on Issue of Foreign Surveillance of Canadian Telecom Traffic

Leading Canadian privacy expert Prof. Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa has called on Canadian privacy regulators to adopt a more proactive approach to the issue of foreign surveillance of Canadian telecom traffic, stating that they have remained on the “sidelines” for too long on an issue that is of importance to all Canadians.  Read more

Only Half of Leading Mobile Apps Provide Pre-download Access to Privacy Policies

A new international study indicates that only half of leading mobile apps provide pre-download access to their respective privacy policies, while more than one-quarter lack privacy policies altogether.  The study by MEF, the “global community for mobile content and commerce”, also found that many policies cannot be accessed from within the apps and are too lengthy.  -  Read more 

Who Will Watch the Watchers? Canadian Insurers Test Drive Telematics

A number of Canadian automobile insurers are testing the utility of ever-improving telematics software that permits them to monitor individual driver behaviour in real time and to tailor premiums to reward safe drivers.  The use of software that monitors and transmits speed, braking, acceleration and other metrics, when combined with geolocational information, can create a very nuanced description of an automobile’s operation and travels that has implications for individual privacy.  -  Read more

UK Information Commissioner’s Office Issues Draft PIA Code of Practice

On August 6, 2013, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office issued a consultation draft of a Privacy Impact Assessment Code of Practice for stakeholder/public review and comments.  Comments on the draft Code, which is directed at organizations that are subject to the UK’s Data Protection Act, are required by November 5, 2013.  -  Read more

Lavabit Closes Up Shop to Protect Customer Privacy

Encrypted email provider Lavabit’s founder Ladar Levison is being hailed by some as a hero for his decision to close his business rather than accede to a court order granting US government security officials with what may have been blanket access to client data.  – Read more

International Review of Website and App Privacy Policies Finds Many Shortcomings

The first-ever Global Privacy Enforcement Network Internet Privacy Sweep has found that the privacy policies of many websites and apps have a striking number of deficiencies, which range from non-existence through undue brevity and factual deficiency and on to undue length and legalism.  The Sweep, conducted by nineteen privacy enforcement authorities from around the world, examined more than 2000 websites and apps.  -  Read more

Tracking of Returned Merchandise by Retailers Alarms Privacy Advocates

Many large North American retailers are compiling data regarding merchandise returns in order to combat criminal activities perpetuated by individuals/groups that return stolen merchandise for store credit.  Consumer/privacy advocates are concerned that large databases are being created by third party service providers to track returns, often without the knowledge or consent of the affected customers. – Read more

Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Releases Annual Report 2012-2013

Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has issued his 2012 – 2013 Annual Report - Read More

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