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CanadaPrivacy Services Inc offers the following services:

Privacy Management Frameworks

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has recommended that organizations develop and implement Privacy Management Frameworks (PMFs) to integrate the structures, policies, systems and procedures required to distribute privacy responsibilities, coordinate privacy work, manage privacy risks and ensure compliance with applicable privacy law.  CanadaPrivacy Services Inc. can help your organization to develop and implement a PMF that can serve as both a centrepiece for your organizational privacy compliance efforts and as a primary resource for your employees (and contractors) seeking information regarding any aspect of your privacy management environment.

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Privacy Impact Assessments

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has become a standard tool for evaluating compliance with privacy laws and policies in Canada. The performance of a PIA permits an organization to ensure that relevant privacy considerations are appropriately reflected in its administrative activities, operations and/or service offerings. With our experienced, multi-disciplinary team, we can help you to meet your PIA challenges. Our consultants have participated in the performance of over one hundred (100) PIAs in various jurisdictions during the course of the past decade.

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Privacy Training

Many new Canadian privacy laws, including the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), require organizations to provide training to their employees regarding their various privacy responsibilities. Other privacy training obligations are imposed by government or corporate policy. Canada Privacy Services Inc.’s consultants have been providing privacy training in the public, private and NGO sectors for many years. Let us share this knowledge with your organization.

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Personal Information Inventories

The Personal Information Inventory (PII) is of key importance, as it provides an assessment of the nature, extent, sensitivity, location and format of an organization’s personal information holdings. Let our experienced consultants help your organization to undertake this vital first step towards privacy compliance.

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Privacy Breach Services

Organizations that lose data in Canada face the prospect of lost business and client (or employee) confidence, interventions by privacy regulators and, increasingly, class action lawsuits by individuals affected by a breach.  CPSI can help your organization to develop a breach response protocol that will meet regulatory requirements and incorporate privacy best practices from across Canada.  If a breach occurs, we can guide your organization through the breach response and repair processes.

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Privacy Gap Assessments

The Privacy Gap Assessment (PGA) is an invaluable tool for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s privacy compliance processes on an organization or division-wide basis. Our consultants have performed PGAs for organizations of varying sizes in the public, private and NGO sectors; they can help your organization to understand its privacy compliance status and obligations and to establish a targeted action plan.

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