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Privacy Breach Services

The Service

According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPCC), a privacy breach occurs when there is unauthorized access to, or collection, use, or disclosure of, personal information. In the recent past, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been negatively affected by such events. In 2012, the US-based Open Security Foundation and project noted 1,478 data breaches that resulted in over 242 million records being inappropriately exposed.

The quantity and portability of records today means that such breaches will inevitably occur. Organizations that experience a privacy breach in Canada face the prospect of lost business and client (or employee) confidence, interventions by privacy regulators and, increasingly, class action lawsuits by individuals affected by a breach.

The Need

Given these negative consequences, it is imperative that organizations that deal with personal information (i) have appropriate processes in place to avoid or mitigate such data emergencies and (i) have access to expert advice when addressing the complex questions that can arise in the course of responding to a breach.

How We Can Help

CanadaPrivacy Services Inc. (CPSI) can help your organization to develop a breach response protocol that will meet regulatory requirements and incorporate privacy best practices from across Canada.  Our experts have more than 40 years experience in applying Canadian privacy legislation and in helping organizations to prepare and implement privacy compliance programs.  If a breach occurs, we can guide your organization through the breach response and repair processes.