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Privacy Management Frameworks

The Tool

In the federal public sector, legal protection has been accorded to the privacy rights of Canadians since 1983 by the Privacy Act, its Regulations and related policies and guidelines issued by the Treasury Board of Canada.  To meet these standards, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has recommended that federal government institutions develop and implement Privacy Management Frameworks to integrate the structures, policies, systems and procedures required to distribute privacy responsibilities, coordinate privacy work, manage privacy risks and ensure compliance with the Privacy Act.

An effective Privacy Management Framework is also of vital importance for other public sector institutions in Canada (e.g., at the provincial and municipal government levels) and for organizations in the private and NGO sectors. All such entities operate in an increasingly complex privacy compliance environment, where the interplay of privacy rules, policies and best practices can be bewildering and where the impact of non-compliance can be disastrous. The key to successfully addressing an organization’s evolving privacy obligations is an effective, organization-wide compliance structure.

Our Services

Toward that end, CanadaPrivacy Services Inc. can help your organization to develop and implement a Privacy Management Framework that can serve as both a centrepiece for your organizational privacy compliance efforts and as a primary resource for your employees (and contractors) seeking information regarding any aspect of your privacy management environment. This, in turn, will help your organization to foster an organizational culture of respect for the privacy of those individuals with whose personal information it deals, and to develop and implement privacy practices that (i) are compliant with applicable law and policy and (ii) reflect current best privacy practices.