Canada Privacy Services

Privacy Impact Assessments

The Tool

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has become a standard tool for evaluating compliance with privacy laws and policies in Canada. The performance of a PIA permits an organization to ensure that relevant privacy considerations are appropriately reflected in its administrative operations and/or service offerings.

Typically built around a standardized questionnaire or checklist, the PIA process involves a detailed appraisal of the personal information dealings associated with a selected initiative, policy or technology. This factual review is followed by a consideration of the privacy laws and policies applicable to the activities at issue, in order to identify areas of non-compliance and related risk factors. Finally, the PIA provides mitigation strategies, ideally incorporated within a viable, user-friendly action plan, that encompass each of the identified risks.

The Skills

The Government of Canada describes PIAs as “…co-operative endeavours requiring a variety of skill sets, including those of program managers, technical specialists and privacy and legal advisors.” It is precisely this requirement for synthesized, multi-disciplinary service that can make securing a suitable PIA provider a difficult and time consuming exercise.

Our Team

With our experienced, multi-disciplinary team, we can help you meet your PIA challenges. Our staff have participated in the performance of over one hundred (100) PIAs in various jurisdictions during the course of the past decade, addressing topics as diverse as CCTV, geomatics, human resource information systems, health surveillance, national security, RFIDs, biometrics and CRM technology. For feedback from our satisfied customers, see our client testimonials. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us today to discuss your privacy service needs.