Canada Privacy Services

Privacy Training

The Need

Many Canadian privacy laws, including the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), require organizations to provide training to their employees regarding their privacy responsibilities. Other privacy training obligations are imposed by government or corporate policy – as is the case for federal departments and agencies subject to the public sector Privacy Act. Whatever their particular circumstances, affected organizations must initiate suitable privacy training programs in order to meet their compliance responsibilities.

The Service

To be effective, privacy training must be practical, encourage active learning and present content that is suited to the audience. Most importantly, privacy training must be delivered by trainers who are knowledgeable about the topic that they cover – a prerequisite that is not met by every trainer that is active in today’s privacy marketplace.

Our Capabilities

CanadaPrivacy Services consultants have been providing privacy training in the public, private, NGO and health sectors for many years.  Rick Shields, our Principal Consultant, has served as the chief privacy officer for a large organization, has been the featured speaker at more than fifty privacy-related conferences and is co-author of The Law of Privacy in Canada. Let us share this knowledge with your organization.

Our Services

We can craft a training solution to meet your needs. Options include:

  • Webinars – Webinars provide a cost-effective way to deliver training to employees at different locations in real-time, while allowing for active participation and question/answer sessions.
  • Online training courses - Our online training courses are delivered through a learning management system that allows learners to complete training on their own schedules. We develop e-courses for use in the public, private, NGO and health sectors, all of which are highly customizable to suit requirements specified by our clients. Our training courses include quizzes to ensure trainee comprehension and personalized certificates to evidence successful course completion.
  • In-person – Half- or full-day in-person sessions (small or large group) can be tailored to reflect your organization’s operational/legal environment and its privacy policies, procedures and practices.
  • “Train the trainer” programs – In addition to delivering privacy training, we can also develop training programs for delivery in-house by your own personnel.